Motorway service station owners avoid expensive glass replacement and reduce further maintenance costs thanks to the ClearShield Eco-System™

The Ritec team this week is very happy to be carrying out a renovation project on the glass canopy of a motorway service station on the M6 in Stafford.
The glass was badly stained and could no longer be cleaned effectively, resulting in an unsightly look. Using the proven ClearShield Eco-System™,  Ritec is restoring the glass to its original ‘as-new’ appearance and then protecting it with ClearShield® to resist staining and discolouration.
The owners made substantial cost savings too as replacing the glass would have cost 5 times as much. The treated surface will now be ‘non-stick’, easy-clean for easier and reduced maintenance in the future.
There are teams of trained and experienced specialist applicators of the ClearShield Eco-System™ who can help you with glass that can no longer be cleaned effectively. Contact us now to obtain a free quote or to become one.

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