Roshnak Renovates Beautiful Bungalows in Raipur, India

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Roshnak Surface Care Systems – the official Marketing Partner of Ritec International Limited for India – recently took over a project in Raipur for a private property development consisting of four bungalows. This project included the renovation and the protection of up to 560m² (6,000ft²) glass with the ClearShield Eco-System®.

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The ClearShield Eco-System® was developed to upgrade ordinary glass into ‘non-stick’, easy-clean glass, transforming it into ClearShield Eco-Glass®. This special type of glass is proven to resist staining and discolouration, is always easier to clean and keep clean and looks like new for longer.

The application was carried out in-situ on the glass windows, railings, shower cubicles and each of the four 75m² (800ft²) glass gazebos situated at the terrace of these bungalows. Inspired by Spanish-style courtyards, this beautiful collection of properties was conceived, planned and developed by Mr. Manish Taori, who heads one of the most renowned architectural teams in Central India that had already worked on some large scale projects.

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Mr. Ashish Agarwal, owner of these bungalows, said: “From the start, while discussing ideas with Manish, I was clear about wanting huge glass façades and shower enclosures. We also managed to include glass gazebos on the terrace which everyone in the family loves. On the recommendation of Manish, we met with Raunak [Head of Business Development at Roshnak Surface Care Systems] and after experiencing the demo, immediately decided to go ahead with protecting all our glass with ClearShield. I must say not only have the glass become easy to clean but there is no visible scale on any of the glass. I highly recommend this product to anyone with a lot of glass at their home.”

ClearShield® Rescues Coastal Property!


NEWSFLASH – ClearShield SA (South Africa), Ritec International’s Official Marketing Partner for that region, recently renovated and protected glass in a beautiful property in Herolds Bay, Western Cape province.

Some 48m2 of glass was sea facing, causing a severe problem for the client as the glass would easily become corroded, losing its sparkling appearance and was impossible to clean effectively.

ClearShield SA came to the rescue! With the proven ClearShield Eco-System®, they renovated the badly corroded glass to its original ‘as-new’ appearance before applying the durable ‘non-stick’, easy-clean ClearShield® protection. Glass specially treated with the ClearShield Eco-System® becomes ClearShield Eco-Glass® that resists staining, even from the aggressive coastal environment, and cleaning time and effort are noticeably reduced. The result? An absolutely delighted customer!

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