Vitro Architectural Glass Selects Ritec International’s North American Subsidiary in New Innovation Partnership!

It gives Ritec International immense pleasure to announce that Vitro Architectural Glass (formerly PPG Glass) has chosen ClearShield Technologies, LLC, our subsidiary in the USA, to be part of its new Vitro X™ Innovation Partnership programme.

Through the Vitro X™ Innovation Partnership, Vitro is teaming up with a select group of growing businesses that are developing revolutionary technologies with the potential to impact the future of the glass industry. Together, Vitro and its partners will bring new products and services to market that will enhance and protect glass surfaces and reduce the need for exterior glass maintenance.

“We are thrilled to welcome Ritec International and ClearShield Technologies to our Vitro X™ Innovation Partnerships program,” said Martin Bracamonte, Vice President, Marketing & Innovation at Vitro Architectural Glass. “With its legacy of proven success and decades of experience, we look forward to bringing this innovative glass protection product to a larger audience of glass industry leaders.”

For more than 40 years, Ritec has been the pioneer and market leader for ‘non-stick’, easy-clean glass. Our award-winning ClearShield® liquid-applied durable glass protection technology upgrades virtually any glass product and ensure its clarity, visibility and cleanliness over time.

ClearShield® glass protection can be applied in any factory as well as to glass that has already been installed. In addition, existing glass that has been stained and discoloured can be brought back to an ‘as-new’ appearance thanks to the technology’s unique renovation process.

Glass processors and fabricators worldwide enjoy the benefits of ClearShield® glass protection in many applications, including architectural, solar, decorative, shower, marine and residential glass. ClearShield® is also independently proven to resist bacterial adhesion, which can be invaluable to hospital projects such as operating rooms.

Ritec International’s Director, Karen Byers, commented: “This is a fantastic achievement and opportunity for our North American subsidiary to partner such a well-known industry player. We are delighted that Vitro Architectural Glass has selected our ClearShield ‘non-stick’ glass technology for their Innovation Partnership programme which will undoubtedly help promote its many benefits.”

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Concrete-Contaminated Commercial Complex Glass Rescued by Roshnak and Ritec!

Contaminated glass panels in a new upcoming commercial complex under construction in Raipur, Chhattisgarh, India had a new lease of life thanks to Roshnak Systems.

Installed glass invariably gets contaminated during a building’s construction. Concrete splatter, cement dust and slurry and other types of alkaline construction materials are very aggressive to ordinary glass surfaces and can cause irreparable damage. The only solution may be glass replacement which is costly and can add major delays to completion time.

In the case of this commercial complex, around 4,000ft² (372m²) of glass was exposed to severe slag cement run-off. This can already be difficult to remove but the ambient heat and high humidity made this even more stubborn. On top of this, abrasive cleaning methods used by the glass installation team actually made things worse.

The building owners contacted multiple window cleaning companies but all refused to carry out the work as even they could not guarantee removal of the heavy staining. After liaising with façade consultants, the building owners contacted Roshnak Systems – Ritec International’s Marketing Partner in India and distributor and applicator of the ClearShield Eco-System® for glass renovation, protection and maintenance – to get the glass back to new.

Mr. Raunak Bhagwat, Managing Partner of Roshnak Systems, said: “We are always looking for new challenges and we said yes to this project as we were confident of the proven, world-class renovation products supplied by Ritec.

“The project was a tough ask as it is not easy to carry out the renovation in peak summer when the temperatures go up to 45ºC! Nevertheless, we successfully restored the glass back to new. The client was thrilled to see the result as they had no hope this would clean up just in time for the building’s inauguration. They have thanked us for their service and are now ready to specify ClearShield non-stick, easy clean protection as well after seeing the importance of keeping their façade clean for aesthetic and functional purposes.”

So thanks to Roshnak and Ritec’s specialist products, they have once again helped a client save time and money from having to replace glass. For more information about ClearShield® glass renovation, ‘non-stick’, easy-clean protection and maintenance solutions, visit

Tough on Grime! Ritecoat® Protects Police Station Framework from Dirt and Weathering

Schiedam Police Station, in the west of the Netherlands, recently had its powder coated framework renovated and protected with the unique Ritecoat System™.

This was needed as over the years, natural weathering and dirt had made the surfaces look dull and lifeless. The on-site work was carried out by Ritec Services, a subsidiary of Ritec International in the UK.

The Ritecoat System™ was specially developed to bring surfaces such as powder coat and metal framework and panels back to life. Additionally, treated surfaces are easier to clean and keep clean thanks to its ‘non-stick’ properties, and they look like new for longer. The System therefore eliminates the need for costly and lengthy replacement work.

The Ritecoat System™ first involves the renovation phase to remove any existing dirt and other contaminants from the surface. The next stage is protection: using Ritec’s Ritecoat R630™ liquid treatment, this immediately transforms the renovated surface to a glossy finish, restoring its ‘as-new’ appearance. The resulting ultra-thin durable coating provides exceptional resistance to:

  • Weathering, e.g. moisture, oxidation and atmospheric pollution
  • Graffiti, since many solvents can be used for removal without damaging the Ritecoat® protection
  • Chemical attack by acids, alkalis and solvents

Almost 500m² (5,400ft²) of framework was renovated and protected with the Ritecoat System™. The façade renovation work was completed in conjunction with Segeren Cleaning; Segeren cleaned the police station’s brickwork and subcontracted the framework renovation to Ritec Services. With the façade fully cleaned, this rejuvenated Schiedam police station’s image and appearance at a reasonable cost with minimal disruption.

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ClearShield® Protection Proves to be Perfect on Porcelain Tiles and Glass!

Owners of a house in Bantry Bay, a suburb of Cape Town in the Western Cape Province, South Africa, recently realised the easy-clean benefits of the ClearShield Eco-System®.

What is the ClearShield Eco-System®? Developed by Ritec International in the UK, the System is used for the renovation, ‘non-stick’ protection and maintenance of glass and other vitreous surfaces. Surfaces treated with the System look as good as new and are easier to clean and keep clean, resisting contaminants such as dirt and limescale. In practice, the frequency of cleaning treated surfaces is reduced, as well as the time and effort required. Thus a long-lasting pristine appearance is maintained, all without the need for harsh chemicals or cleaning methods.

ClearShield SA (PTY) Ltd is Ritec International’s official Marketing Partner and distributor in South Africa. One of their clients is an experienced on-site applicator of the ClearShield Eco-System® and was commissioned to treat windows, shower glass, pergola glass as well as exterior porcelain tiles at the Bantry Bay residence.

The on-site team first fully renovated the surfaces using specialist Ritec products to ensure a chemically clean surface. Next, award-winning and durable ‘non-stick’ Ritec ClearShield® liquid-applied protective surface treatment was applied.

About 350m² (3,800 ft²) of glass and 250m² (2,700 ft²) of top-of-the-range full-bodied porcelain tiles, imported from Italy, were treated. Chris Woodcock, the Managing Director of ClearShield SA, recounts: “We carried out tests for our client on the tiles with Ritec ClearShield beforehand, and the results were fantastic. Water just ran off perfectly. Our demo convinced the homeowner to give the go-ahead to our client to treat all the tiled areas. Some months after the applications were completed, some white leaching had occurred on some of the treated tiles; we used Ritec Limescale Remover to get rid of the leaching and the result was just phenomenal. Ritec Limescale Remover is a magical product!”

Chris concludes: “Overall, our client applicator and the homeowners were all delighted in the knowledge that the promise of ClearShield’s easy-clean claims were honest and the after-care is straightforward.”

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ClearShield® and Ritecoat® Systems in Action at Sewage Pumping Stations!

Ritec Services On-Site Applicators in action on this distinctive sewage pumping station

When the City of Breda in the Netherlands needed the exterior surfaces of their sewage pumping stations protected from weathering, dirt and graffiti, they knew who to contact: Ritec Services.

Ritec Services is a subsidiary of Ritec International in the UK. The parent company developed unique systems to renovate, protect and maintain glass and powder coated surfaces, the ClearShield Eco-System® and the Ritecoat System® respectively. Ritec Services have decades of experience applying the two Systems to surfaces on-site.

The stations’ glass panels and powder coated frames were first carefully renovated using specialist Ritec renovation products. This phase ensured surfaces look just like their original brand new appearance.

Before and after the glass panels and powder coated framework were treated with the ClearShield® Eco- and Ritecoat® Systems

The next phase is protection, involving the application of the easy-clean protective liquid treatments of ClearShield® on glass and Ritecoat® on powder coat surfaces. Glass treated with ClearShield® becomes higher performance ClearShield Eco-Glass® which is always easier to clean and keep clean. Its ‘non-stick’ surface means significantly less build-up of dirt, moisture and other contaminants, meaning less time is required to maintain the glass. Because ClearShield Eco-Glass® typically halves the frequency of cleaning, this potentially saves money too.

Powder coating (as well as most metal surfaces) treated with Ritecoat® give similar benefits as ClearShield Eco-Glass® – ease of cleaning with a long-lasting pristine appearance. Graffiti, for instance, is significantly easier to remove, and all without the need for harsh chemicals or cleaning methods.

Thanks to Ritec Services, this distinctive sewage pumping station, along with two others in the City of Breda, now all look as good as new!

Ritec Successfully Achieves SafeContractor Accreditation Again!

Ritec’s General Manager, Martin Burkett, spearheaded the accreditation renewal process

Ritec International are pleased to announce that, for the 11th year running, we have successfully achieved SafeContractor’s Certificate of Accreditation! SafeContractor gives businesses the peace of mind that we are compliant with health and safety to a set level of standards.

First awarded in March 2013, Ritec has committed to year-on-year improvement not only within our factory and offices, but also interaction with our customers. Additionally, through SafeContractor, Ritec have been compliant with SafePQQ PAS91 over the past few years. This certification covers standards across many topics including quality management, the environment and equality.

So a great job done by all of the Ritec team!

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Check Out Our ‘Non-Stick’, Easy Clean Surface Solutions at the London Surface Design Show!

It’s not long before we are back at the London Surface Design Show! Visit us on stand 270 next week to find out how our unique ClearShield® and Ritecoat® technologies make glass, metal and painted surfaces ‘non-stick’ and easy-clean, keeping them looking like new for longer.

ClearShield® protection upgrades ordinary glass surfaces to higher performance ClearShield Eco-Glass® which resists staining and makes cleaning much easier! It is suitable for all glass – architectural, windows, rooflights, showers, splashbacks, decorative, sandblasted, mirrors and even solar.

Effective on most metal and painted surfaces, Ritecoat® protects against weathering and discolouration and makes them easier to maintain for a better appearance.

Our technologies also allow us to renovate existing surfaces to bring them back to new, saving time, money and hassle in having to replace them.

And if that is not tempting you enough to visit us, we also have free daily prize draws to win our fantastic Clear-Vision™ DIY Shower Protection Kits so you can treat your shower glass at home!

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Game-Changing VPIR-200 ClearShield® Application Machine Wins Industry Award!

We end 2022 on a high with the news that our ClearPad™ VPIR-200 ClearShield® application machine has won the prestigious US Glass Magazine’s Reader’s Choice Award for Machinery: Glass Coating Equipment!

Introduced at the world’s biggest glass show Glasstec in Düsseldorf, Germany, earlier in September, the ClearPad™ VPIR-200 has truly revolutionised the speed and efficiency of applying ‘non-stick’, easy-clean ClearShield® glass surface protection. With its quick line speed and infrared pre-heating for instant curing, users have discovered it significantly reduces production time, handling and labour costs. Glass processors also appreciate VPIR-200’s fast payback. Finally, the innovative pad application ensures virtually zero product wastage and no airborne particulates.

We are honoured to win this esteemed award and we thank the readers of US Glass magazine for helping us do so.

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Ritec Retrospective: Cross Towers, The Netherlands

Cross Towers is a state-of-the-art 24-storey building designed by renowned architects Foster + Partners and opened in 2008. Situated at the gateway to the Vivaldi Park area of the Zuidas business district in southern Amsterdam, it is the Dutch headquarters of professional services giant Ernst & Young.

The 87m tall (285 ft) building utilises a series of environmentally progressive measures and is 10% more energy efficient than the national requirements. The blocks are staggered in plan to let in as much natural light as possible and to make the most of the northerly city views. The northern façade is fully glazed, while partial 30% glazing to the east, west and south limits solar gain. Combined with ground water storage to further save on energy for cooling, the overall environmental strategy is highly efficient.

Adding to the green credentials is Ritec’s ClearShield® liquid-applied glass surface treatment, applied in the factory prior to installation. Thanks to its ‘non-stick’ easy-clean performance, this ensures all glazing retains its high photometric properties by resisting staining and weathering, despite the building’s busy urban location. Moreover, glass treated with ClearShield® reduces the frequency of cleaning which helps to lower the carbon footprint as, for example, the need for window cleaning vehicles travelling to site is reduced.

With over 40 years of track records, ClearShield® is specified by many architects around the world as it is proven to protect glass surfaces before, during and after construction. Glass already installed can be treated with ClearShield® on-site if necessary after our unique glass renovation process. Glass renovation is a highly cost-effective alternative to replacing glass that is no longer easy to clean and keep clean.

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