New Ritec Offices in India

Ritec International are delighted to announce that they have taken up new offices in the UKIBC (UK-India Business Council) Business Centre in Mumbai.


Located to the west of the capital, UKIBC’s Mumbai Business Centre is perfectly located for UK companies seeking to access India’s main commercial city, and world class financial and professional services, life sciences, and retail sectors.

“We have found the offices to be central, well-serviced and very convenient to hold client meetings and training for our applicators which helps Ritec immensely”, said Ujwala Bhagwat, founder of Roshnak.

Roshnak is the official distributor of Ritec India, licensed to supply the ClearShield Eco-System, training and technical support for customers in India.

Ritec’s work recognised by The Princess Royal

Bob Wallman,  Ritec’s Application Services Manager, was honoured to meet our Patron Her Royal Highness, The Princess Royal, at the Firefighters Memorial Illumination event today.


Ritec’s invitation was in recognition of his and Martin Burkett’s work to restore the bronze Memorial back to its original state.

Located at a symbolic site on the south side of St. Paul’s Cathedral in London, it was originally unveiled by Her Majesty, the late Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother in 1991.

The Firefighters Memorial is dedicated to the men and women of the Fire Service who lost their lives as a result of their duties during World War II.

The restoration work was carried out by Ritec as a kind donation to the Firefighters Memorial Charitable Trust.

Solutions for ‘Problem Glass’ in Buildings Before, During and After Installation


Moisture, Alkalinity and Dirt (MAD) can easily cause glass, exterior or interior, to become ‘Problem Glass’. Glass is all around us and, when new, it promises visibility, clarity and cleanliness. Unless glass is protected against MAD, it can easily break these promises before, during or after installation – with serious consequences for specifiers, fabricators, contractors, installers, building owners and occupants.

For more than 35 years, Ritec has developed and supplied innovative and cost-effective solutions for ‘Problem Glass’. These solutions provide either ‘prevention’ for new installations or ‘cure’ for glass already installed – reducing or eliminating the risks of call-backs, delays in construction and complaints.


‘Problem Glass’ is any glass that has broken, or is likely to break, its original promises of visibility, clarity and cleanliness. This causes glass to become increasingly difficult to clean and keep clean – a high-maintenance material of construction. In spite of frequent and intensive cleaning, Problem Glass can easily lose its original visibility and “sparkling” appearance.

‘Problem Glass’ can also fail to achieve industry standards for light transmission that were met at the time of installation. This has negative effects on daylighting in a building as well as reducing the well-being and productivity of its occupants.

‘Problem Glass’ is likely to be found anywhere one or more of the aggressive trio of MAD is present. The two biggest enemies of glass are moisture and alkalinity. Either individually or together, they can etch or dissolve the surface of glass, making it appear dull and sometimes white in appearance. Some dirt can damage the surface, and further harm can be caused in efforts to remove it.

Moisture can be in its liquid form, such as rainfall, or as a vapour in high humidity areas. Alkalinity comes from hard tap water, sea water and construction materials such as cement dust and building run-off from concrete, bricks or mortar.

Organic dirt does not normally attack glass but can attach firmly to the surface and be difficult to remove. For exterior glass, this includes traffic film, bird droppings and tree sap. For interior glass, organic dirt includes fingermarks and cooking oil vapours.

Inorganic dirt bonds chemically to glass and is difficult, if not impossible, to remove using conventional cleaning methods. Inorganic dirt on exterior glass includes sea spray, industrial emissions, metal oxides from railways and construction materials such as cement dust and building run-off. For interior glass, an example is limescale from hard tap water.

‘Problem Glass’ is most likely to be found in locations such as:

  • construction sites
  • sloped glazing – conservatory roofs, rooflights
  • buildings with difficult access for routine washing
  • glazing exposed to run-off from concrete, bricks, mortar, stonework, lead flashing, silicone sealants
  • glazing in polluted areas – city centres, industrial estates, near railways, coastal
  • interior glass – shower enclosures, sand-blasted glass, kitchen splashbacks.

If you need a solution to ‘Problem Glass’, contact us at

Commanding success with the Ritec One-Stop Solutions™ Down Under

Ritec is very happy to welcome Colin Commander today, visiting from Runaway Bay, near Brisbane, on the Australian Gold Coast.


Colin became a successful member of Ritec’s International Network of applicators when he founded ClearShield Glass Protection 11 years ago. A family business that he runs with the help of his wife Christine and son Declan, they have accomplished many achievements converting ordinary glass into ClearShield Eco-Glass™ on solar panels, boats and residential houses.

ClearShield Glass Protection has been carrying out extensive work applying the special ‘non-stick’ protection onto the surface of solar panels before they are installed on residential roofs. The cleaner the glass, the more efficient the solar panel! ClearShield® makes the glass surface on solar panels easier to clean and keep clean, thereby resisting the build-up of contamination and therefore maintaining the glass light-transmission.

The company makes full use of the whole ClearShield Eco-System™ by offering home-owners Ritec’s One-Stop Shop of solutions. All glass at home can be upgraded into ClearShield Eco-Glass™ making maintenance a lot easier and keeping the glass looking like new for much longer. Glass already installed, including windows and doors, balustrading, shower enclosures, splahbacks or pool fences, can be made to look like new again thanks to the system’s unique renovation process, before receiving the special protection.

Colin and his team’s work does not stop there. They also offer the highly effective Ritecoat protection for all stainless steel handrails and Gelcoat on the fibreglass hull on boats, protecting it from the harsh corrosion suffered by metals at sea. Windows and shower enclosures on the boat are then protected with ClearShield™.

Good to see you Colin.

Contact us at to reach Colin at ClearShield Glass Protection or to find out more about the Ritec One-Stop Shop Solutions™.

DYK … ClearShield® optimises solar energy transmission for greener and more cost-effective solar energy production

Renewal energy had record growth in 2015. The award-winning ClearShield Eco-System™ for the renovation and protection of glass can help that growth further by helping all types of solar panels to generate even greener and more sustainable energy.


The efficiency of solar panels has a direct link to the light transmission of glass, and therefore the cleanliness of the glass surface. In short, the cleaner the glass, the more effective the solar panel!

However keeping glass clean can be a real challenge. Moisture, Alkalinity and Dirt (MAD) can easily cause glass to become Problem Glass. Problem Glass is any glass that has broken, or is likely to break, its original promises of visibility, clarity and cleanliness. This causes glass to become increasingly difficult to clean and keep clean, leading progressively but surely to reductions in the light transmission.

pg-moisture pg-pollution pg-limescale pg-runoff

Glass maintenance can become impossible, and in all cases requires the use of sometimes scarce and valuable resources such as water, and of potentially polluting cleaning agents.

Protecting glass surfaces with ClearShield® resists staining and discolouration, keeping the glass surface cleaner for longer and always easier to clean than unprotected glass. This optimises light transmission, maximises efficiency and maintains performance for longer. It also reduces maintenance requirements, saving costs, reducing the use of scarce resources and cleaning agents.

Thanks to the unique renovation solutions offered by the system and flexible application methods, the protection can be applied in the factory or to solar panels already installed.


Therefore the ClearShield Eco-System™ helps:

– maintaining initial peak watt performance for new solar panels
– reclaiming lost initial peak watt performance for already installed solar panels
– reducing maintenance costs
– reducing the use of scarce resources and polluting cleaning agents
– generating greener and more sustainable energy

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