OverflateXperten Bigs Up ClearShield® at Bygg Reis Deg Show!

Stein Solli (OverflateXperten’s Company Owner) and Asbjørn Uglum (ClearShield® Applicator)

OverflateXperten, based in Norway, is Ritec International’s official Marketing Partner for that region. They possess 30 years of experience with the ClearShield Eco-System® for the renovation, protection and maintenance of glass. Ordinary glass treated with the System is upgraded to ‘non-stick’, easy-clean ClearShield Eco-Glass® which protects the surface from dirt and other contaminants.

The ClearShield Eco-System® benefits specifiers and contractors as it can save time and help reduce costly delays by protecting the glass surface from stubborn contaminants during the construction phase. And once the building is complete, ClearShield® benefits its occupants (optimised clarity and light transmittance) and maintenance crews (easier cleaning). OverflateXperten wanted to promote the benefits of ClearShield® to specifiers and contractors so the Bygg Reis Deg show was the perfect platform.

Located in Lillestrøm, this international trade show attracts over 40,000 visitors including construction professionals. OverflateXperten recently exhibited at the show and was not disappointed.

On the OverflateXperten stand was the Ritec ‘Mud Dome’ demonstration. Mud is automatically sprayed in an enclosed half treated glass ‘dome’, with the mud effortlessly rolling off the ClearShield-treated half. This clearly shows the ‘non-stick’ action of ClearShield Eco-Glass® surface unlike the untreated half.

OverflateXperten, with the aid of the mud dome demonstration and ‘before and after’ photos, communicated the many benefits of ClearShield Eco-Glass® to visitors. As a result, many companies were interested in specifying ClearShield® for future projects. In addition, glass already contaminated can also benefit as the System’s Renovation process brings glass back to its ‘as-new’ appearance. A high level of interest was shown at this proven and effective service.

For consumers at the show, OverflateXperten was also promoting Do-It-Yourself (DIY) kits for domestic windows and shower glass. These proved to be very popular and consumers will discover, once applied, just how much easier it is to clean those surfaces.

Mr Stein Solli, OverflateXperten’s Company Owner, commented: “This year’s Bygg Reis Deg has been great for OverflateXperten. The target audience, that is, specifiers and contractors, is just perfect for ClearShield and we were able to get across the numerous benefits. We already secured some on-site projects as a result of being at the show, which is a fantastic outcome. In addition, we sold plenty of other Ritec products to end consumers including DIY kits, After-Care products and Limescale Remover, so that was a bonus”.

Proven Ritecoat System™ Revitalises Powder Coating

Luxembourg House, located at 1 Hoge Schouw in Breda, the Netherlands, consists of office rooms available for rental. However, the powder coating on this building was in need of rejuvenation due to discolouration caused by UV light.

Locally-based Ritec Services (a subsidiary of Ritec International in the UK) was subcontracted by Van Seeters, a painting and glazing company to handle this job.

Ritec Services used the unique Ritecoat System™ to renovate and then protect the powder coating, restoring its ‘as-new’ appearance. This System makes the treated surface ‘non-stick’, easy clean and resistant to many kinds of contaminants including dirt, moisture, building run-off and graffiti. 

The versatile Ritecoat System™ provides durable protection on a range of surfaces in addition to powder coatings, including metals and plastics. The time and effort required to maintain these surfaces are reduced yet preserve a long-lasting pristine look in between cleaning cycles.

Such is the trusted quality of both products and services provided by Ritec Services, Luxembourg House is the fourth building contract awarded by Van Seeters, covering 1,000m2 of surfaces treated.

Stefan Roelands, General Manager of Ritec Services, commented: “We have had a strong working relationship with Van Seeters for almost three years now. We have carried out several projects together and there’s more coming up, we are just waiting for the green light from the building owners. We also recommend customers each other’s skills. Van Seeters also sell shower doors and we apply the ClearShield Eco-System for them, making the glass ‘non-stick’, easy clean and resistant to limescale”.

Professional ClearShield® Application Just Got Even Quicker with QuickSpray 300™!

Introducing QuickSpray 300™, the fastest ever way to apply Ritec ClearShield® ‘non-stick’, easy-clean protection on glass surfaces!

This is in response to industry demand for a cost-effective yet quick and simple method of applying award-winning ClearShield® protection onto new glass.

QuickSpray 300™ is available in kit form which includes the 300ml QuickSpray 300™ refillable spray applicator, 500ml of non-flammable Ritec ClearShield® protective surface treatment and 300ml of Ritec Clean-All, an after-care product.

As the name suggests, QuickSpray 300™ allows glass professionals to simply pick up the spray applicator and quickly apply Ritec ClearShield® in their own premises. This makes it ideal for smaller sized or smaller quantities of glass, or for infrequent users of ClearShield®. For those who have never tried ClearShield® before, the QuickSpray 300™ kit allows users to try it out with minimal financial risk. Should there be a need to adapt to greater volumes of production, semi- and fully-automatic application methods are available.

As a special launch offer, we are giving a 15% discount on QuickSpray 300™ kits until 10 December 2021, offering even better value!

With over 40 years of proven experience, Ritec ClearShield® glass surface treatment upgrades ordinary glass surfaces to ‘non-stick’, easy-clean ClearShield Eco-Glass®. This special type of glass has many benefits:

• Resists staining and discolouration
• Makes ordinary, unprotected glass easier to clean and keep clean
• Glass looks like new for longer
• Improves hygiene, as it is independently proven to resist the adherence of bacteria

In today’s hygiene-conscious times, and because Ritec ClearShield® resists bacterial adhesion, QuickSpray 300™ is perfect for use on glass sneeze screens.

Ritec ClearShield® works on both new clear float and sandblasted glass, as long as there is not already a coating on the surface. As with all Ritec ClearShield® methods of application, it is safe to apply as it is non-flammable and not classified as hazardous. The QuickSpray 300™ spray applicator is non-pressurised, propellant-free and ozone friendly. Unlimited shelf-life on product refills, available directly from Ritec, ensures there is no product wastage.

Contact us now if you are interested in QuickSpray 300™!