‘Godmother of Ritec Services’ Reaches Major Milestone!

Today we are celebrating the 25th work anniversary of Mrs Laura Oomen of Ritec Services in the Netherlands!

Back in June 1996, Laura started out as Office Manager for what was then known as Ritec Holland BV. Her role was to ensure that all office tasks were carried out correctly, taking orders, works scheduling, administration and supporting the management team.

Over the years, through much dedication and hard work, she has worked her way up to Operations Manager for the company which, since 2009, has been renamed Ritec Services, a subsidiary of Ritec International Limited in the UK. Ritec International in North London is the home of the ClearShield Eco-System® for the renovation, ‘non-stick’ protection and maintenance of glass.

Laura’s role has developed into an integral one with greater responsibilities. She has become more and more involved in higher management decision-making on top of her office management role. But Laura is quick to point out it is not just about her: “We have a great team with lovely colleagues all dedicated to expanding the business, keeping quality and service as top priority.”

Laura comments: “I am always happy to be working, it’s part of my life, giving structure to my day. During the Covid period I worked some time from home but I really prefer the office. I am definitely a ‘people person’!”

Working alongside others has unquestionably been key to Laura’s job satisfaction at Ritec: “I have so many nice memories from working with great Marketing Partners throughout Europe and from colleagues I am working with now and used to work with in the past. Also, the international glass exhibitions are always a highlight because we see each other again in person.”

Her colleagues all agree that Laura is an absolute pleasure to work with and that she is responsible for keeping the company shipshape. Stefan Roelands, Ritec Services’ General Manager says: “Laura is the Godmother of the company.  And speaking on behalf of all my colleagues, I am 100% sure that without all of Laura’s excellent work, the company would not be in as good a position as it is today. She is a vital member of our team, plus she is always good for a laugh.”

Stefan continues: “Laura is full of energy and positivity and that significantly contributes to the ongoing success of Ritec Services. But she is more than just a colleague, she is also a trustworthy friend to everyone who knows her, and always ready to lend an ear.”

Congratulations Laura from everyone in the Ritec network for reaching this massive milestone!

2 thoughts on “‘Godmother of Ritec Services’ Reaches Major Milestone!

  1. Paul van der Vliet

    Hallo Laura!
    Proficiat! Ik was de agent van Ritec in Zweden hoewel ik oorspronkelijk Nederlander ben maar ik was maar zeven jaar toen wij naar Zweden verhuisde. Ik was ‘n goede vriend van Steve en ben nog steeds van Karen. Het lezen over jouw succes geeft mij heerlijke herinneringen van die tijd en ik ben blij dat ik nog steeds een aandeelhouder ben. Ik wens jou nog veel succes in de toekomst. Beste groeten van Paul

  2. Beste Paul,
    Hartelijk dank voor jouw leuke en attente reactie.
    Namens Ritec en mijzelf wensen wij jou goede gezondheid en alle goeds in de toekomst.
    Hartelijke groet, Laura

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