Why do customers love ClearShield so much?

Look at how effective ClearShield glass protection is! One half of the bottle has been specially treated with ClearShield while the other has been left untreated. Notice how the mud does not stick to the treated half  and looks as good as new, demonstrating ClearShield’s ‘non-stick’, stain-resistant properties. In practice this means glass treated with ClearShield is easier to clean and keep clean – the frequency of cleaning is also reduced by 50% on average- as well as looking like new for longer. ClearShield is manufactured by Ritec International who provide low-maintenance solutions for all kinds of glass applications.

Ritec Finalists for Environmental Initiative of the Year at G13 Awards


Ritec International is delighted to announce that they are finalists for the G13 Environmental Initiative of the Year Award with their ClearShield Eco-System™. The new System has been recognised by the Award Judges for its ‘green benefits’ that  apply to all types of glass, exterior and interior, and include –

–      Energy savings for routine glass maintenance reduces by 50% on average the energy  requirements for routine glass washing including transportation to site,  operation of access equipment, production of cleaning materials and consumption  of water;

 –      Reduced carbon footprint – by reducing energy requirements, ClearShield® also reduces by 50% on average the climate-changing emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gases;

–      Enhanced day-lighting – by maintaining the original light transmission of glass.

In addition, the System can renovate glass to its original state which reduces the environment impact of replacing the glass with a new product.

This latest award nomination comes hot on the heels of the company being awarded the ISO 14001 standard. This is accepted internationally and accredits Ritec as having an effective environmental management system in place within its business. This International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standard is designed to address the delicate balance between maintaining profitability and reducing environmental impact; and is achieved with the commitment of the company as a whole.

The Royal Princess sets sail with ClearShield on board

Princess Cruises is one of the premier cruise lines in the world. Today, its fleet carries more than one and a half million passengers each year. The Royal Princess is the latest addition to the fleet and the fifteenth Princess Cruises ship to be protected with Ritec ClearShield®.


The new Royal Princess’ evolutionary design builds on the hallmarks of the Princess Cruises brand, to offer new and innovative ways for its customers to enjoy the ultimate cruising experience. This has now extended to the soaring new glass atrium, an impressive glass walkway, cabin windows and other exterior glass which all need to maintain a sparkling appearance and optimal vision for greater viewing pleasure.

Glass in the marine environment faces some of the harshest conditions, however, ClearShield® Glass will be able to resist the salt sea spray staining and discolouring the glass on the ship as well as ensuring the glass looks as clean as possible.

Ritec treated over 15,500 sq.m. of glass to protect the Royal Princess from the damaging effects of moisture, alkalinity and dirt.

A team of Ritec Applicators travelled to Italy to treat the glass on the Royal Princess after being commissioned by the main contractor, the Somec Group.

Applying the ClearShield System onto the glass has resulted in a higher quality of glass giving excellent vision. In addition, the ship’s glass will now stay in pristine condition for longer and will always be easier to clean.

Not Worth the Risks!

Ritec International, pioneers in Glass Surface Treatments (GSTs) with ClearShield® since 1981, are highlighting the risks to companies all along the glass supply chain of expectations that cannot possibly be met.

MD, Stephen Byers argues that serious business risks are being caused by the failure of GST suppliers to come clean with claims that are false or misleading, and to provide relevant information so manufacturers can make informed decisions.  Ritec have recently launched their Global ‘GST Challenge’  which encourages all suppliers of GSTs to

• provide relevant information to prospective customers before decisions are
made about which technology is suitable for a particular market sector or use;
• stop making false or misleading claims such as:
– Self-cleaning – when actual field experience shows this is incorrect
– Permanent, once-only application – when durability is clearly limited
– Non-hazardous – when a technology has low flash point, meaning high
– Sprayable – when the original developers of a technology state that it
only works correctly when physically rubbed onto the surface
– 10-year warranty based on lab tests – when many independent
testing organisations state that durability or performance cannot be
proven by lab tests, this can only be done through actual field experience
under real life conditions
– Suitable for all types of glass – when there is no actual field
experience to support this claim



The Global ‘GST Challenge’ encourages all suppliers of GST to assist glass and glazing companies in making informed decisions and avoid business risks by “telling it like it is, selling it like it is.”

So the advice is to CHALLENGE YOUR SUPPLIER now!

We are blogging away!

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