Concrete-Contaminated Commercial Complex Glass Rescued by Roshnak and Ritec!

Contaminated glass panels in a new upcoming commercial complex under construction in Raipur, Chhattisgarh, India had a new lease of life thanks to Roshnak Systems.

Installed glass invariably gets contaminated during a building’s construction. Concrete splatter, cement dust and slurry and other types of alkaline construction materials are very aggressive to ordinary glass surfaces and can cause irreparable damage. The only solution may be glass replacement which is costly and can add major delays to completion time.

In the case of this commercial complex, around 4,000ft² (372m²) of glass was exposed to severe slag cement run-off. This can already be difficult to remove but the ambient heat and high humidity made this even more stubborn. On top of this, abrasive cleaning methods used by the glass installation team actually made things worse.

The building owners contacted multiple window cleaning companies but all refused to carry out the work as even they could not guarantee removal of the heavy staining. After liaising with façade consultants, the building owners contacted Roshnak Systems – Ritec International’s Marketing Partner in India and distributor and applicator of the ClearShield Eco-System® for glass renovation, protection and maintenance – to get the glass back to new.

Mr. Raunak Bhagwat, Managing Partner of Roshnak Systems, said: “We are always looking for new challenges and we said yes to this project as we were confident of the proven, world-class renovation products supplied by Ritec.

“The project was a tough ask as it is not easy to carry out the renovation in peak summer when the temperatures go up to 45ºC! Nevertheless, we successfully restored the glass back to new. The client was thrilled to see the result as they had no hope this would clean up just in time for the building’s inauguration. They have thanked us for their service and are now ready to specify ClearShield non-stick, easy clean protection as well after seeing the importance of keeping their façade clean for aesthetic and functional purposes.”

So thanks to Roshnak and Ritec’s specialist products, they have once again helped a client save time and money from having to replace glass. For more information about ClearShield® glass renovation, ‘non-stick’, easy-clean protection and maintenance solutions, visit