Ritec International Provides the Clear Solution for Georgia’s New Parliament

DSC_7519 DSC_7620 DSC_7502DSC_7617

Georgia’s new parliament has opened to a fanfare of acclaim with all of its glass treated with the ClearShield Eco-System™. The futuristic building, in a shape of a huge glass dome, contains split-level gardens and glass-fronted offices. The new parliament is the pet project of the country’s architecture-loving president, Mikhail Saakashvili and is meant to symbolise democratic openness and transparency in a country which, until 1991, was part of the Soviet Union.

Ritec’s representative in neighbouring Turkey, Kozmos Cam, was brought in to treat all of the building’s glass – 11,500 square metres – with the ClearShield Eco-System. Early into the construction project, the glass was installed into its aluminium frame. However, continuing building work lead to contamination of the newly installed glass with silicone and concrete run-off. Kozmos was first asked to renovate the glass back to its original state, the first stage of the ClearShield System.

The second stage was to protect the glass from future moisture, alkaline and dirt (MAD), three elements that can turn new glass into ‘Problem Glass’. ClearShield® was used to transform the glass into ‘low-maintenance’ glass which will make the Parliament’s glass elements easier to clean and provide resistance to staining and discolouration.

The result has been met with universal acclaim from all construction partners, with the main contractor requesting the further application of ClearShield® on the parliament’s interior glass and future architectural glass projects the company are involved in.

Stephen Byers, Managing Director of Ritec International states:

“We are delighted to have been chosen as the Glass Surface Treatment supplier of choice in the construction of Georgia’s new parliament building.  The ClearShield System will make a huge difference in both the appearance and long term maintenance of the glass dome which is hugely symbolic in this new era of democracy in Georgia.”

 For more information on how the ClearShield Eco-System adds value every step of the supply chain, visit www.ritec.co.uk or email info@ritec.co.uk.

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