Ritec receives ISO 9001 accreditation for the 10th year in a row & successfully completes transition to the latest quality control standard’s revision.

ISO 9001, the world’s most recognised quality management standard, helps organisations demonstrate to their customers that they provide products and services of consistently good quality.

Ritec is not only very proud to announce that its accreditation has been renewed for the 10th year in a row, but the company successfully executed its transition to the most up to date revision of the certification.


ISO 9001:2015 is the latest update concluding over three years of revision work by experts from nearly 95 participants and observing countries to bring the standard up to date with modern needs.

Stephen Byers, MD, says: ‘Maintaining our ISO 9001 certification, and implementing the latest improvements to further ensure the highest and most consistent quality is very important to provide complete peace of mind for all organisations that have trusted Ritec and its unique Surface Protection Systems over the years’.

Stainless Steel Surfaces Restored ‘as-new’ and Protected at Rotterdam Central Train Station

Innovator and specialist in ‘non-stick’ surface technologies, Ritec is also known for the development of a very effective system for the renovation, protection and maintenance of stainless steel: The Ritecoat System™.

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Rotterdam Central Train Station recently approached EcoShield Surface Protection, seeking a solution to the staining and surface degradation suffered by stainless steel on electrical enclosures, first aid poles and other surfaces. This included weathering, staining from airborne contamination and vandalism.

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EcoShield is a partner of Ritec Services in Holland. They specialise in the renovation and protection of glass and metals on building façades, commercial glazing and railway stations. The work was carried out in-situ in collaboration between the two companies with stunning results.

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Some 434m2 of stainless steel surfaces are as good as new and now protected against further surface damage and staining. Congratulations for the great work by EcoShield and Ritec Services.

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For more information on the renovation and protection of glass and metal surfaces in the Netherlands, visit www.ecoshield.nl or contact info@ecoshield.nl.

Glass Surface Renovation & Protection, a true Business Opportunity!


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The ClearShield Eco-System™ offers unique solutions to avoid costly replacement & reduce maintenance costs on both internal and external glass in commercial and residential buildings, transportation vehicles such as buses and trains, and marine vessels such as cruise ships, ferries and superyachts.


Specialist applicators in more than 37 countries are benefiting from Ritec’s 36 years of field experience. They offer unique benefits to their clients, differentiating from their competition and adding value to their product range, and/or unique on-site renovation and protection services. In all cases, they are generating sales and profits.

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These applicators include glass and glazing processors and fabricators, who are applying the award-winning protection in their factories. But they also include glaziers and specialist teams who travel to site to renovate glass surfaces to their ‘as-new’ appearance, before applying the durable ClearShield™ protection to avoid the staining or discolouration to re-appear.


If like them you are looking to differentiate from your competition and add value to your product range, generate extra business and extra profits, or are interested in a true business opportunity offering unique on-site renovation and protection of glass surfaces, contact Ritec today at info@ritec.co.uk.

Stand out from your competitors by offering durable ‘non-stick’ easy-clean glass!

For fabricators and installers, standing out from your competitors is crucial in a competitive market – you need to offer solutions that set you apart and will secure new business. Did you know these solutions are available and have been proven in practice for over 35 years?

Ritec’s ClearShield Eco-System™ for glass is proven and guaranteed to protect and maintain original visibility, clarity and cleanability. For glass that has already lost these qualities, the ClearShield Eco-System™ will renovate to the original appearance and performance.

The ClearShield Eco-System™ is the only complete system for glass surface renovation, protection and maintenance. It is proven for all types of glass, exterior and interior, in all types of buildings and climatic conditions worldwide. The ClearShield Eco-System™ is safe and easy to apply at any stage of glass and glazing supply chains – processors, fabricators, installers.

As a result, the ClearShield Eco-System™ for glass –

  • improves value, sales turnover, bottom line profits and more;
  • reduces costs from surface damage before, during and after installation, complaints and call-backs;
  • provides opportunities for business diversification.

Ritec International will be at the FIT Show next week. Ensure that you set aside time to visit stand D3 to discover differences the ClearShield Eco-System™ will make to your business. You will also see the solutions in action and learn about benefits of enhanced marketing packages.

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Not able to attend the FIT Show? No problem. Contact us now on 020 8344 8210 or info@ritec.co.uk, and a member of our team will be able to help you.