Ritec Recertified!

Ritec Recertified to ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015

Ritec International, specialists in ‘non-stick’ surface solutions, is proud to announce it has once again been awarded ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001:2015 – the international quality standards for a company’s products and services – after its re-certification in June this year.

Ritec’s ‘Scope of Registration’ covers:

  • The manufacture of liquid chemical products, marketing and worldwide supply, plus training and on-going technical and aftersales support services for the various Ritec Systems and Products
  • Ritec provide products and solutions for renovation, “non-stick” protection and maintenance of glass, metal and plastic surfaces

Ritec’s route to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 involved a thorough independent assessment of all internal systems, from production and sales order processing, purchasing, staff training, administration and environmental policies and processes.

Achieving these coveted ISO standards bring many benefits to Ritec, its staff and its customers, says the company’s Production Manager, Martin Burkett AIIRSM, who was responsible for overseeing the certifications: “Although our systems already met the required environmental, quality and management standards, they are also about highlighting areas where we could improve even further. For example, by detailing certain monitoring rather than just basic monitoring, and as a result enhancing productivity and our service to customers, Ritec now measures its aftercare customers’ carbon offset against its refill bottles as one example.”

ISOQAR lead auditor Ian Thomas writes in the Audit Conclusion: “The audit team concludes that the organisation has established and maintained its management system in line with the requirements of the standard(s) and demonstrated to the audit team that it has the ability to systematically achieve the requirements for products and or services within the scope of its activities and in accordance with its policy and objectives”.

Martin Burkett continues, “ISO 9001 and 14001 are great achievements, however we will not rest on our laurels and believe it is important for any organisation to seek ever higher standards. We will continue to ensure that orders are met consistently to the correct specification as well as motivating our staff to work towards continued improvement for the benefit of our business and our customers.”

Glass on the Sky Princess Cruise Liner is Beautiful Thanks to ClearShield®!

Ritec Services, global specialists in marine glass renovation, ClearShield® ‘non-stick’ easy-clean protection and maintenance, were commissioned by Somec to treat 17,200m2 of glass on board the new Princess Cruises cruise liner.

The 145,000 ton Sky Princess has a capacity of 3,660 passengers and 1,346 staff. The area of glass treated by Ritec Services is the equivalent of almost 2½ football pitches!

The ship was in Fincantieri’s shipyard in Monfalcone, Italy whilst being worked on. Ritec Services began the glass cleaning process by removing the protective film, paint and silicone on the surface. The glass was then treated with ClearShield® ‘non-stick’ protection to resist staining from harsh sea salts and other contaminants whilst in service. This helps to ensure passengers have a clear view out of their cabins and saves water and manpower during cleaning. All glass surfaces were inspected afterwards for quality control purposes.

With the glass now looking pristine, the Sky Princess is ready for its maiden voyage due later this month!

Ritec Marine Services Working for Norwegian Cruise Line Again with Norwegian Encore Ship

Ritec International’s subsidiary in the Netherlands, Ritec Services, is the global specialist for the renovation, ‘non-stick’ easy-clean protection and maintenance of glass. Its specialist marine division, Ritec Marine Services, recently started work on the Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) Norwegian Encore cruise liner.

IMG-20190826-WA0016 SM

Whilst at the Meyerwerft shipyard in Papenburg, Germany, Ritec Marine Services will protect all glass on-site with award-winning ClearShield® ‘non-stick’, easy-clean surface treatment. ClearShield® is proven to resist harsh sea salt contamination as well as dirt so significantly help preserve beautiful views from passenger cabin windows. The additional benefit of ClearShield-protected glass is that maintaining it requires less time, effort and manpower.

IMG-20190824-WA0008 SM

For this particular project, Ritec Marine Services will treat the glass in a specific order depending on the supplier. The glass suppliers include Brombach + Gess GmbH & Co. KG of Germany, BOHAMET S.A. of Poland and Somec S.p.A. of Italy as well as orders directly from Norwegian Cruise Line. In total, 23,000m2 of glass will be protected with ClearShield® by Ritec Marine Services.

The Norwegian Encore has a gross tonnage of 169,145 gt. With 20 decks, this cruise liner has a 4,000-passenger capacity, and its maiden voyage is scheduled for next month.

Ride 4 Joseph Update


We are delighted to announce that Darren Collier completed his ‘Ride 4 Joseph’ 300+ mile journey from London to Truro to raise money to start a new charity. Darren accomplished this epic feat in 5 days, dressed as a monkey, riding a 20” BMX bike in sweltering temperatures (in fact, the hottest August Bank Holiday in the UK ever recorded!). Congratulations Darren!

Darren and wife Kay – our friend from Cornwall Glass – decided to create a charity to raise money for a plot of land where sons and daughters who have been born through a late miscarriage can be laid to rest in a humane and respectful manner. This idea was struck after their own personal tragic experience.  ‘Ride 4 Joseph’ was created to raise funds to register the charity.

Thanks to generous donors, they exceeded their initial target and now their charity can be registered. This is just the first step and now the aim is to raise funds for the plot of the land.

For the complete story, updates and to donate, please visit:


Aberdeen Airport – the latest control tower to benefit from Ritec ClearShield® renovation and ‘non-stick’ protection

Aberdeen Airport SMA Ritec on-site team recently travelled to Aberdeen Airport to renovate and protect the glass on the control tower with the unique ClearShield Eco-System®. Thanks to Ritec, the glass now looks as good as new, and having durable ClearShield® ‘non-stick’ easy-clean protection helps to maintain the clear view for longer. This results in air traffic controllers benefiting from optimal clarity – vital for day-to-day operations – while maintenance units require less time to clean the glass.

For over 30 years, Ritec have been specified by NATS (National Air Traffic Services, provider of air traffic services to 14 UK airports including Aberdeen) to renovate and protect several control towers in the UK. This is testimony to ClearShield’s excellent durability and performance in these kind of conditions where unburnt hydrocarbons, pollution and staining can cling onto ordinary unprotected glass, potentially compromising safety of aircraft movements if controllers have difficulty seeing out of dirty glass. ClearShield® is THE effective solution!

ClearShield® has already been applied to glass in many major airports around the world (not just airport control towers but terminal buildings as well), as the companies that own them understand the range of benefits it brings.

Do you have glass that could do with Ritec ClearShield® renovation and protection? Contact us now at info@ritec.co.uk for assistance.


Ride 4 Joseph


In December 2018, the unthinkable happened to Kay Collier, our friend @Cornwallglass, and her husband Darren. Their little boy Joseph was born sleeping at just 23 weeks old.

Adding to the obvious extreme distress, they then discovered that Joseph just does not exist in the eyes of the world. Having given birth pre 24 weeks, it is not legally possible to register his birth, 2nd December 2018, with Darren and Kay Collier as his parents. This is absolutely heart breaking; they know they had a son, but without having an official birth certificate, records will never show that he ever existed.

With no registered birth, there can be no registered death. The options offered to them were a private funded service with his body placed in a shared grave, a group hospital cremation or to be buried on their own private land, like a pet. He was too small to cremate to obtain many if any ashes. Any collected could have been scattered over a dedicated memorial garden at a cemetery.

The couple now wish to take action not just for Joseph or for themselves, but for all parents and children that will ever find themselves in a similar situation. Kay and Darren have bravely decided to start their own charity that will aim to raise money for a plot of land where sons and daughters who have been born through a late miscarriage can be laid to rest in a humane and respectful manner.

‘Ride 4 Joseph’ has therefore been created to raise funds in order to start the charity. It is a bike ride, over 300 miles, that Joseph’s Daddy, Darren, is doing dressed as a monkey riding a 20” BMX from London to Truro in Cornwall from 22-26 August 2019.

Their aim is to provide other parents, family and friends a recognisable place of rest for individual reflection, but also to give comfort that the children are in an angel community, all dancing and playing together.

We hope you can support Kay and Darren to reach their goal!

Read Joseph’s full story and donate here:

Ritec ClearShield® Gives Fans Perfect View at New Moscow Stadium

The recently-opened VTB Arena is a multi-purpose stadium in Moscow, Russia, built on the site of the demolished Dynamo Moscow stadium. The stadium, under one roof, unites two arenas: the Lev Yashin Dynamo Central Stadium named after the club’s legendary goalkeeper with a 25,716 capacity during football matches and up to 33,000 for concerts, and the multi-functional VTB Indoor Arena with a maximum 14,000 capacity, depending on the configuration of the site. The complex also includes a shopping and entertainment centre, office buildings, apartment buildings and a 5-star hotel. The total investment is estimated to be US$1.5 billion.

VTB Arena, Moscow, Russia

The first football match at the venue took place on 26 May 2019. After the event, Bayerisches Haus, a specialist manufacturer of joinery products, was tasked to create a pitchside fence. Many different options were considered and in the end, a tempered glass partition was the way to go. Immediately, the question arose on how to protect the glass from staining and discolouration. This was where Ritec Systems Russia – a partner of Bayerisches Haus – came in.

Inside the Lev Yashin Dynamo Central Stadium

As Ritec International’s official Marketing Partner for the region, Ritec Systems Russia were well placed to treat the 500m² glass partition on-site with award-winning ClearShield® ’non-stick’, durable easy-clean protection, upgrading it to ClearShield Eco-Glass®. The glass now resists dirt and staining so fans enjoy optimal clarity, and it will also be easier to clean and keep clean plus maintain a sparkling appearance for longer.

500m² of glass partitioning was treated with ClearShield, upgrading it to ClearShield Eco-Glass

Vadim Derbenev, CEO of Ritec Services Russia, commented: “It was a great honour for my team and I to be involved in such a large-scale and prestigious project. Together with our partner Bayerisches Haus, we quickly completed the protection of glass with the ClearShield Eco-System®, it was turned around in just 3 days. I trust the fans and maintenance teams will be happy with the ClearShield-protected glass!”

Vadim Derbenev (CEO) and Yuliya Derbeneva (Commercial Manager)

Vadim Derbenev (CEO of Ritec Systems Russia) and Yuliya Derbeneva (Commercial Manager of Ritec Systems Russia)

For more information on Ritec Systems Russia, visit http://www.ritecsystems.ru. For more about Ritec International, visit http://www.ritec.co.uk or email info@ritec.co.uk.