Tough on Grime! Ritecoat® Protects Police Station Framework from Dirt and Weathering

Schiedam Police Station, in the west of the Netherlands, recently had its powder coated framework renovated and protected with the unique Ritecoat System™.

This was needed as over the years, natural weathering and dirt had made the surfaces look dull and lifeless. The on-site work was carried out by Ritec Services, a subsidiary of Ritec International in the UK.

The Ritecoat System™ was specially developed to bring surfaces such as powder coat and metal framework and panels back to life. Additionally, treated surfaces are easier to clean and keep clean thanks to its ‘non-stick’ properties, and they look like new for longer. The System therefore eliminates the need for costly and lengthy replacement work.

The Ritecoat System™ first involves the renovation phase to remove any existing dirt and other contaminants from the surface. The next stage is protection: using Ritec’s Ritecoat R630™ liquid treatment, this immediately transforms the renovated surface to a glossy finish, restoring its ‘as-new’ appearance. The resulting ultra-thin durable coating provides exceptional resistance to:

  • Weathering, e.g. moisture, oxidation and atmospheric pollution
  • Graffiti, since many solvents can be used for removal without damaging the Ritecoat® protection
  • Chemical attack by acids, alkalis and solvents

Almost 500m² (5,400ft²) of framework was renovated and protected with the Ritecoat System™. The façade renovation work was completed in conjunction with Segeren Cleaning; Segeren cleaned the police station’s brickwork and subcontracted the framework renovation to Ritec Services. With the façade fully cleaned, this rejuvenated Schiedam police station’s image and appearance at a reasonable cost with minimal disruption.

For more information on Ritec Services, visit

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