ClearShield® and Ritecoat® Systems in Action at Sewage Pumping Stations!

Ritec Services On-Site Applicators in action on this distinctive sewage pumping station

When the City of Breda in the Netherlands needed the exterior surfaces of their sewage pumping stations protected from weathering, dirt and graffiti, they knew who to contact: Ritec Services.

Ritec Services is a subsidiary of Ritec International in the UK. The parent company developed unique systems to renovate, protect and maintain glass and powder coated surfaces, the ClearShield Eco-System® and the Ritecoat System® respectively. Ritec Services have decades of experience applying the two Systems to surfaces on-site.

The stations’ glass panels and powder coated frames were first carefully renovated using specialist Ritec renovation products. This phase ensured surfaces look just like their original brand new appearance.

Before and after the glass panels and powder coated framework were treated with the ClearShield® Eco- and Ritecoat® Systems

The next phase is protection, involving the application of the easy-clean protective liquid treatments of ClearShield® on glass and Ritecoat® on powder coat surfaces. Glass treated with ClearShield® becomes higher performance ClearShield Eco-Glass® which is always easier to clean and keep clean. Its ‘non-stick’ surface means significantly less build-up of dirt, moisture and other contaminants, meaning less time is required to maintain the glass. Because ClearShield Eco-Glass® typically halves the frequency of cleaning, this potentially saves money too.

Powder coating (as well as most metal surfaces) treated with Ritecoat® give similar benefits as ClearShield Eco-Glass® – ease of cleaning with a long-lasting pristine appearance. Graffiti, for instance, is significantly easier to remove, and all without the need for harsh chemicals or cleaning methods.

Thanks to Ritec Services, this distinctive sewage pumping station, along with two others in the City of Breda, now all look as good as new!

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