Check Out Our ‘Non-Stick’, Easy Clean Surface Solutions at the London Surface Design Show!

It’s not long before we are back at the London Surface Design Show! Visit us on stand 270 next week to find out how our unique ClearShield® and Ritecoat® technologies make glass, metal and painted surfaces ‘non-stick’ and easy-clean, keeping them looking like new for longer.

ClearShield® protection upgrades ordinary glass surfaces to higher performance ClearShield Eco-Glass® which resists staining and makes cleaning much easier! It is suitable for all glass – architectural, windows, rooflights, showers, splashbacks, decorative, sandblasted, mirrors and even solar.

Effective on most metal and painted surfaces, Ritecoat® protects against weathering and discolouration and makes them easier to maintain for a better appearance.

Our technologies also allow us to renovate existing surfaces to bring them back to new, saving time, money and hassle in having to replace them.

And if that is not tempting you enough to visit us, we also have free daily prize draws to win our fantastic Clear-Vision™ DIY Shower Protection Kits so you can treat your shower glass at home!

For more information about Ritec, visit For more info about the Surface Design Show, visit

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