Atrium and Rooflight Glass Rejuvenated Thanks to The ClearShield Eco-System®!

An atrium and rooflights in a North London property were all renovated and protected with the ClearShield Eco-System® recently, effectively bringing back the original sparkle.

Unsightly silicone run-off and other contaminants spoilt the look of the glass but thanks to Ritec’s On-Site Application Team, they got the surfaces looking like new again with The ClearShield Eco-System®.

With decades of proven track records, The System removes any contamination on the surface prior to the application of the ClearShield® protective treatment. Award-winning ClearShield® is not a coating and will never crack, peel or discolour. Instead, it is a truly unique polymer-based surface technology that actually bonds with the glass, giving it excellent durability. The result is ‘non-stick’ ClearShield Eco-Glass® that is easier clean, resistant to all kinds of contamination and keeps the glass looking like new for longer.

With over 40 years of experience, Ritec ClearShield® is proven in all kinds of glass applications, including architectural, residential, showers, splashbacks and marine. So if you don’t want to struggle with keeping glass clean, visit for more about our ‘non-stick’, easy-clean glass solutions.

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