Net Zero Heroes – Ritec Becomes Carbon Neutral!

With our continuous commitment towards combatting climate change and improving the way we operate within the workplace, Ritec International are pleased to announce we have become carbon neutral in 2022.

This impressive achievement was undertaken with the online platform Carbon Footprint™, a simple method of calculating an organisation’s carbon footprint and providing advice on how to reduce it. By tracking and reducing carbon emissions ‘at source’ as much as possible and compensating for unavoidable emissions via carbon offsetting, we rendered activities to become net zero carbon (carbon neutral). This action helps to protect both the environment and our business.

Ritec General Manager Martin Burkett AIIRSM, comments: “This is another of our proud achievements in making the world a greener place. Of course, we won’t simply leave it there; over the next 12 months we will look at even more ways to help fight climate change and sustain our environment.”

For more information about Ritec International, visit

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