Ritec Retrospective: World Trade Center 2, Indonesia

World Trade Center 2 (also known as WTC 2) is part of World Trade Center Jakarta, a complex of commercial high-rise buildings in the Indonesian capital. With a height of 160m (525ft), WTC 2 is made up of 28 storeys of Grade A world-class column-free office space to help cope with the city’s ever-expanding needs of its multinational tenants and business community.

Designed by British architectural firm Aedas, and constructed by Balfour Beatty Sakti Indonesia (a joint venture between CCM and Balfour Beatty of the UK), which, together with Hongkong Land, represents a unique partnership between Indonesian and UK companies.

Some 34,500m2 (371,400 ft2) of WTC2’s glass was applied with Ritec ClearShield® in the factory prior to installation. This meant any harsh inorganic contaminants on the glass, such as concrete splatter and cement dust, were easier to remove during construction. Therefore ClearShield® potentially reduced costly delays during construction as well as providing a significantly lower-cost alternative to replacing the glass from any surface damage. Future maintenance will be easier thanks to the ‘non-stick’, easy-clean surface of ClearShield-protected glass.

Construction began in 2010 and WTC 2 was officially opened in 2012. It was awarded the Building and Construction Authority Green Mark – a meaningful distinction of environmentally responsible buildings, brought forth by a reduction in water and energy bills, of which ClearShield® contributed towards this achievement.

ClearShield® is ‘green’ because it makes glass lower in maintenance, saving water and without the need for harsh cleaning chemicals. The use of access equipment and cleaning contractors’ vehicles (and associated CO2 footprint) is also lessened thanks to ClearShield® typically reducing the frequency of cleaning by half.

For more information about Ritec ClearShield, visit www.ritec.co.uk.

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