Norse Luxury Oasis Protected with ClearShield®!

Hugin (The Raven’s Nest) is a unique and lavish treehouse located in Kaupanger in the municipality of Sogndal in Vestland county, Norway. Situated in a spectacular forest, it is 280 metres (918 feet) above the vast and beautiful Sognefjord, appropriately nicknamed ‘The King of Fjords’.

The treehouse, designed for guests to rent, features high levels of quality and comfort. Its theme is inspired by ancient Norse mythology and the historic Norwegian stave churches Urnes and Borgund. Built by the Falck Husum family members Jardar, Geir, Hallvard David and Fred Ivar, they have put painstaking effort into the treehouse’s carvings and artistic design to create just the right atmosphere.

The Hugin story started when the Falck Husum family finally, after several generations of trying, was able to buy back a section of the forest of ‘Alfheim’. This was a part of the family-farm generations ago. With the area decided for building, they started their first steps in realising the Hugin treehouse.

The treehouse has taken more than 25,000 man hours to build, from 2014 to October 2021. About 8,000 man hours of this total were spent on its artistic decoration (designing, carvings and milling). The result of this labour of love is an unforgettable and indulgent experience intimately close to nature with stunning views, described by some guests as ‘A Norse luxury oasis’.

Hugin has approximately 14 square metres of glass, all treated with Ritec’s ‘non-stick’, easy-clean ClearShield® protective treatment. This made the glass stain-resistant and easy to clean and keep clean in the future, maximising clarity, visibility and cleanliness.

“For our guests to be able to enjoy the views – the Fjord, forest and the stars – there was never any doubt.”, says Jardar Falck Husum, one of Hugin’s builders. “For glass protection, only ClearShield meets Hugin’s highest standards and demands. Anything that lands on the treated glass, such as bird lime, tree sap and moisture, are all easy to clean off the glass, always leaving the perfect view.”

For more information about Hugin, visit For more information on Ritec and ClearShield, visit

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