Ritec Retrospective: Los Angeles Airport, USA

Los Angeles Airport, commonly known as LAX, is the USA’s second busiest airport in terms of total passenger traffic.

 In 1995, the external surfaces of the control tower glass were renovated and protected with the ClearShield System®, upgrading them to ‘non-stick’, easy-clean glass. This optimised clarity for air traffic controllers as well as reduce maintenance requirements.

Contaminants such as unburned hydrocarbons create a very aggressive environment for ordinary,  unprotected glass in airports. The corrosion of the glass caused by such contamination and atmospheric attack leads to a marked reduction in visibility, potentially jeopardising safety and making cleaning much more difficult. But thanks to the ‘non-stick’, easy-clean action of ClearShield® award-winning glass surface treatment, these problems can be avoided. Many airports in the world today benefit from ClearShield® protection.

For more information about ClearShield®, visit www.ritec.co.uk.

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