Not for the First Time! Second Virgin Voyages Ship Gets ClearShield® Protection

Ritec Marine Services have recently been working on Valiant Lady, the second Virgin Voyages cruise ship to get ClearShield® ‘non-stick’, easy-clean glass surface treatment.

Currently in Fincantieri Sestri Ponente shipyard in Genoa, Italy, and scheduled for service in November 2021, this ship will accommodate approximately 2,700 guests and 1,150 crew for seven-day Caribbean voyages. Valiant Lady is the second of four Virgin Voyages ships, the first being Scarlet Lady, the third Resilient Lady and the last one yet to be named.

The expertise of Ritec Marine Services, based in the Netherlands, was called upon to renovate and protect the glass using the ClearShield Eco-System® on-site. Specifically this involves removing any contamination on the glass, including films, glues and dirt and to ensure the glass is chemically clean. The second step is the application of award-winning durable ClearShield® glass surface protective treatment. This is proven over decades of track records on cruise ships to protect the glass from staining and discolouration and also to make the cleaning regime easier. ClearShield® protection significantly helps to ensure crew and passengers enjoy optimal visibility as ordinary unprotected glass can easily suffer corrosion from the hostile marine environment.

A total of 12,343m² of glass is currently being treated by a 12-strong team.

For more information about Ritec Marine Services, visit

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