Ritec Retrospective: Luton Airport Parkway Railway Station, UK

The exterior glass of Luton Airport Parkway Railway Station in the UK had not been properly cleaned since it opened in 1999 so there was a significant amount of unsightly dirt build-up. Thameslink Rail, the company that runs the station, had to find a long-lasting solution. So in 2004, Ritec’s On-Site Application Team subsequently treated glass at the station, including the entrance façade and platform shelters with its award-winning ClearShield® System for glass renovation, ‘non-stick’ easy-clean protection and maintenance. This provided a cleaner and more comfortable environment for passengers and staff alike.

A representative of Thameslink Rail, the station’s operating company, said: “The glazing was difficult to keep clean – regular cleaning was not effective and was costly. We needed something that kept glass cleaner longer and, if needed, made the cleaning easier to do.”

Glass treated with ClearShield® resists staining and discolouration and so keeps glass looking like clean for longer. Brake dust from trains is particularly harmful to unprotected glass surfaces and is usually difficult, if not impossible, to remove. But thanks to ClearShield®, the glass is protected from harsh contamination such as brake dust, and cleaning the glass is made significantly easier.

Thameslink is extremely pleased with the ClearShield® treatment, and the brighter, cleaner station offers a much more attractive welcome to passengers.

For more information about Ritec ClearShield, visit www.ritec.co.uk.

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