Ritec’s ClearShield Eco-System®… keeps inaccessible glass looking pristine for longer!

A residential property in the upmarket Palm Hills area to the west of Cairo, Egypt, experienced the benefits of the Ritec ClearShield Eco-System®. A staircase window, 3 metres (10 feet) from ground level, suffered from dirt and sand contamination. Due to its inaccessibility, the residents just were not able to clean it safely. So since it was installed just two months ago, the glass already looked old before its time.

Fortunately, 5ive Stars – Ritec’s official Marketing Partner in Egypt – had the solution. Fully-versed in applying the Ritec ClearShield Eco-System® for the renovation, protection and maintenance of glass, they solved the problem. They organised access equipment and renovated the glass using specialist Ritec products to ensure the glass was chemically clean. The next stage was the application of award-winning ‘non-stick’ Ritec ClearShield® liquid glass surface treatment. Once cured, this special protection forms an invisible barrier on the glass surface that resists any contamination. Because there is significantly less dirt build-up compared to ordinary, unprotected glass, ClearShield® helps to keep the glass looking beautiful for longer.

Unlike a coating, ClearShield® is a unique and proven highly durable glass surface treatment that does not crack, peel or discolour.

With the glass looking as good as new, the residents are absolutely delighted with the treatment.

For more information on the Ritec ClearShield Eco-System®, visit www.ritec.co.uk.

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