Roshnak’s Renovation Rescues Bus Windows!

Roshnak Surface Care Systems is Ritec International’s Marketing Partner for India. They fully understand that although glass is designed to look clean, it can be tough to keep clean. Fortunately, thanks to their many years of renovating and protecting glass surfaces, they have the perfect solution.

So when Roshnak received a frantic call from a maintenance company responsible for governmental public buses in Gurgaon, Delhi, they were confident they could help.

The maintenance company seemed to be very distressed with severe marks on the glass windows on 40 buses. These marks accumulated over the lockdown period and although the most common methods and different products were tried, none could remove these tough stains.

Roshnak used Ritec’s specialist Renovation products to remove the stubborn staining from the glass in a relatively short time period. This restored the clarity and visibility which helps to promote a more comfortable and safe environment for passengers. Roshnak’s renovation expertise made all the glass look as good as new and reduced the stress of the glass maintenance company.
Ranauk Bhagwat, Roshnak’s Head of Business Development, commented: “Thanks to the Ritec’s renovation products and our training and experience, we have the confidence to restore glass surfaces back to their ‘as-new’ appearance. Our renovation procedure is the perfect alternative to glass replacement which is costly in both terms of time and money. Just imagine having to take buses out of service to replace the glass, and the financial costs involved. Our client was totally relieved that not only did we get rid of the staining they felt was impossible to remove quickly and efficiently, the solution was reasonably priced too”.

If you would like to find out more about Roshnak, email

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