ClearShield Protects Elevator Façade in New Baku Shopping Mall

Deniz Mall, also known as Caspian Waterfront Mall or Baku Entertainment Centre, is a new mixed-use 120,000m² entertainment, retail, leisure and dining destination situated to the east of Azerbaijan. Designed by award-winning architects Chapman Taylor, a central ‘flame’ tower completes eight angled glass façades inspired by the eight-pointed star on Azerbaijan’s national emblem. Deniz Mall soft-opened in June earlier this year.

Pasha Construction was commissioned for the mall’s construction work. This was a natural choice given their landmark projects have made a significant contribution to the impressive transformation of the Baku cityscape in recent years.

When it came to the panoramic elevator system, Pasha Construction subcontracted the build to Sinerji Insaat (Synergy Construction), based in Turkey with a branch office in Baku. The elevator’s impressive façade consisted of 800m² of 8+8 mm tempered laminated glass.

For such a prestigious project, Sinerji wanted an easy-clean surface treatment on the façade to help keep the glass looking pristine for longer. Kozmos Cam, Ritec International’s Marketing Partner in Turkey, were invited to demonstrate the power of the Ritec ClearShield Eco-System® for the renovation, protection and maintenance of glass. This System upgrades any ordinary glass surface to ClearShield Eco-Glass® giving it numerous benefits. The surface is ‘non-stick’ so resists staining and discolouration. The glass typically halves the time and effort to clean, restoring it to a sparkling finish a lot quicker compared to ordinary glass. ClearShield Eco-Glass® is also found to reduce the frequency of cleaning, potentially saving maintenance costs. As an added benefit, treated glass has been independently proven to resist the adhesion and growth of bacteria, particularly important in today’s hygiene-conscious times.

Sinerji were impressed with all the benefits of ClearShield Eco-Glass® and so instructed Kozmos Cam to carry out the application. Both sides of the glass façade were treated, so Kozmos Cam upgraded a total of 1,600m² of ClearShield Eco-Glass® in their own Istanbul premises prior to the installation.

ClearShield Eco-Glass® helps to maintain a cleaner image and provide a more welcoming and comfortable environment for visitors to Deniz Mall. As the glass requires less maintenance, it saves time too, so everyone benefits!

For more information about Kozmos Cam, visit For more information on Ritec ClearShield®, visit

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