ClearShield® Saves the Day for Giza Homeowners!

The ClearShield Eco-System® saves the day once again! This time amazed homeowners in Giza, Egypt realised just how the System transformed dirty, lifeless glass to ‘non-stick’, easy clean ClearShield Eco-Glass®.

During the house’s construction process, the windows and balustrade glass attracted all kinds of contamination including cement staining, dust and limescale. These contaminants were all impossible to remove using standard cleaning products and in some cases, harsh and abrasive cleaning can make things worse. Glass replacement was an option but costly both in terms of time and money.

The homeowner came across Five Stars, Ritec International’s Marketing Partner in Egypt. They are fully trained to renovate, protect and maintain glass with the ClearShield Eco-System®. Five Stars got to work and in no time, removed the heavy contamination from the glass, ensuring it was chemically clean. They then applied ClearShield®, an award-winning durable protective treatment that makes glass ‘non-stick’ and easy clean. Once the glass is protected, it becomes ClearShield Eco-Glass® that is easier to clean and keep clean, reduces frequency of cleaning and looks like new for longer.

Five Stars treated 216m² of glass in total. Now the homeowners not only enjoy nice views of their garden and swimming pool, they are also safe in the knowledge that the glass will continue to look sparkling with little effort.

Ali Saafan, Managing Director’s Assistant at Five Stars, was full of praises. He said: “We are very glad and satisfied by the ClearShield Eco-System as it renovated the glass from ‘zero to hero’… this resulted in very happy homeowners!”

For more information about Ritec and the ClearShield Eco-System®, visit

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