Ritecoat System™ Makes a Grand Entrance for Major Telecoms Provider!

EcoShield, a surface renovation specialist in the Netherlands, was contracted to renovate and protect the main entrance of the headquarters belonging to the country’s largest telecoms provider.

EcoShield is fully trained to renovate, protect and maintain glass and stainless steel surfaces with the ClearShield Eco-System® and Ritecoat System™ respectively.  The main entrance consists of several stainless steel areas, most notably the large revolving door, so the Ritecoat System™ was used in this instance.

The Rotterdam-based headquarters is located by a river, a busy traffic junction and a tram line. Moisture from the atmosphere and river, coupled with pollution from vehicles combine to aggressively contaminate surfaces. As a result, the revolving door suffered from rust due to the persistent environmental contamination.

EcoShield possess a lot of experience renovating stainless steel surfaces in particular with the Ritecoat System™. They have treated such surfaces in many office buildings and train stations around the country.

The first phase of the System – renovation – was to thoroughly clean the stainless steel and remove the rust using specialist renovation products. The second phase was the application of Ritecoat®, a special treatment to protect the steel from future contamination. Its ‘non-stick’ action provides exceptional resistance to dirt, rust, weathering, graffiti and chemical attack by acids, alkalis and solvents.

Thanks to the Ritecoat System™, the main entrance now looks as good as new. The Ritecoat® treatment will provide protection from contamination for many years to come and the door requires less maintenance to keep it looking pristine.

For more information on EcoShield, visit http://www.ecoshield.nl. If you would like to know more about Ritec’s Ritecoat System™, visit http://www.ritec.co.uk/the-ritecoat-system.

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