ClearShield® Proves Real Worth for Country Club Apartments in Mexico


Transparencia en Servicios – the official Marketing Partner of Ritec International Limited for Mexico – renovated and protected glass at Bosque Real Country Club in Huixquilucan, Mexico City.

Bosque Real Country Club is a picturesque complex that includes 9- and 18-hole golf courses, shopping mall, hospital and many luxury villas and high-rise apartments. From 2005-09, Bosque Real was the venue for the MasterCard Classic, an annual tournament for professional female golfers on the LPGA Tour.

For such a prestigious location, a pristine appearance has to be maintained at all times. Unfortunately keeping the glass looking like new was difficult: rain, pollution and dirt all combine to ruin the visibility and appearance of glass. Water from sprinkler systems also constantly landed on the glass, further compounding the problem as over time, it leaves unsightly water marks. With glass cleaning becoming less and less effective, Transparencia en Servicios stepped in to resolve the problem.


Transparencia en Servicios provides an on-site service to renovate, protect and maintain glass with the Ritec ClearShield Eco-System®. Once ordinary glass is renovated to an ‘as-new’ appearance, it is then applied with award-winning ClearShield® glass surface treatment, upgrading the glass to ClearShield Eco-Glass®. This higher quality of glass is ‘non-stick’ and always easier to clean and keep clean. Its stain-resistant properties maintain optimum visibility and clarity, ensuring a longer-lasting pristine appearance, and the frequency of cleaning is typically halved. Owners of properties with newly-treated glass just love the results that ClearShield® brings!


Although Transparencia en Servicios treated window and balustrade glass in a number of apartments within the Bosque Real Country Club complex, the ClearShield Eco-System® works on any glass, interior or exterior, old or new. With almost 40 years of track records, glass treated with ClearShield® is proven to be an economical and durable alternative to replace glass that can no longer be cleaned effectively.

If you have old glass that needs to be brought back to life, contact us to find out how the ClearShield Eco-System® can help you.

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