Pitcher Perfect! Ritecoat® Restores Railings at Prestigious Golf Resort

Oubaai SM

ClearShield SA is Ritec International’s Official Marketing Partner for South Africa. Not only are they fully trained in the application of the ClearShield Eco-System® for the renovation, ‘non-stick’ protection and maintenance of glass, they can treat other surfaces too with the equally remarkable Ritecoat System™.

This System is used to restore metal, plastic and painted surfaces and provide durable ‘non-stick’ protection. With the Ritecoat System™, ClearShield SA recently treated 41 linear metres of stainless steel railings on-site in Oubaai, a prestigious and picturesque residential golf estate in The Garden Route on South Africa’s southern coast.

Oubaai2 SM

The renovation process of the System removed all existing dirt, staining and rust marks using specialist Ritec products. This restored the stainless steel back to its original, ‘as-new’ appearance, absolutely delighting the clients. After the renovation process was the application of Ritecoat 2200 to provide the ‘non-stick’, easy-clean protection that resists future staining and maintains this pristine appearance between cleaning cycles.

This achievement is a prime example of what the Ritecoat System™ can accomplish, and it saved the client time and hassle too as an alternative to outright replacement.

Golfer's House SM

Sticking to the subject of golf, ClearShield SA also renovated and protected glass in a beach home belonging to one of the country’s famous golfers.

Using the ClearShield Eco-System®, they first carried out a demonstration: two panes of existing glass started out equally clean, one treated with ClearShield® and the other without treatment.

After just three weeks, the difference was already clear, resulting in the client ordering all sea-facing window and door glass to be treated with ClearShield®. This will ensure a long-lasting, clearer view with less dirt build-up and reduced maintenance. Another prestigious job for ClearShield South Africa!

For more information about ClearShield SA, please visit www.clearshield.co.za. For more information about Ritec and the Ritecoat™ and ClearShield® Systems for surface renovation and protection, visit www.ritec.co.uk.

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