Glass on the Sky Princess Cruise Liner is Beautiful Thanks to ClearShield®!

Ritec Services, global specialists in marine glass renovation, ClearShield® ‘non-stick’ easy-clean protection and maintenance, were commissioned by Somec to treat 17,200m2 of glass on board the new Princess Cruises cruise liner.

The 145,000 ton Sky Princess has a capacity of 3,660 passengers and 1,346 staff. The area of glass treated by Ritec Services is the equivalent of almost 2½ football pitches!

The ship was in Fincantieri’s shipyard in Monfalcone, Italy whilst being worked on. Ritec Services began the glass cleaning process by removing the protective film, paint and silicone on the surface. The glass was then treated with ClearShield® ‘non-stick’ protection to resist staining from harsh sea salts and other contaminants whilst in service. This helps to ensure passengers have a clear view out of their cabins and saves water and manpower during cleaning. All glass surfaces were inspected afterwards for quality control purposes.

With the glass now looking pristine, the Sky Princess is ready for its maiden voyage due later this month!

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