Aberdeen Airport – the latest control tower to benefit from Ritec ClearShield® renovation and ‘non-stick’ protection

Aberdeen Airport SMA Ritec on-site team recently travelled to Aberdeen Airport to renovate and protect the glass on the control tower with the unique ClearShield Eco-System®. Thanks to Ritec, the glass now looks as good as new, and having durable ClearShield® ‘non-stick’ easy-clean protection helps to maintain the clear view for longer. This results in air traffic controllers benefiting from optimal clarity – vital for day-to-day operations – while maintenance units require less time to clean the glass.

For over 30 years, Ritec have been specified by NATS (National Air Traffic Services, provider of air traffic services to 14 UK airports including Aberdeen) to renovate and protect several control towers in the UK. This is testimony to ClearShield’s excellent durability and performance in these kind of conditions where unburnt hydrocarbons, pollution and staining can cling onto ordinary unprotected glass, potentially compromising safety of aircraft movements if controllers have difficulty seeing out of dirty glass. ClearShield® is THE effective solution!

ClearShield® has already been applied to glass in many major airports around the world (not just airport control towers but terminal buildings as well), as the companies that own them understand the range of benefits it brings.

Do you have glass that could do with Ritec ClearShield® renovation and protection? Contact us now at info@ritec.co.uk for assistance.


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