Ride 4 Joseph


In December 2018, the unthinkable happened to Kay Collier, our friend @Cornwallglass, and her husband Darren. Their little boy Joseph was born sleeping at just 23 weeks old.

Adding to the obvious extreme distress, they then discovered that Joseph just does not exist in the eyes of the world. Having given birth pre 24 weeks, it is not legally possible to register his birth, 2nd December 2018, with Darren and Kay Collier as his parents. This is absolutely heart breaking; they know they had a son, but without having an official birth certificate, records will never show that he ever existed.

With no registered birth, there can be no registered death. The options offered to them were a private funded service with his body placed in a shared grave, a group hospital cremation or to be buried on their own private land, like a pet. He was too small to cremate to obtain many if any ashes. Any collected could have been scattered over a dedicated memorial garden at a cemetery.

The couple now wish to take action not just for Joseph or for themselves, but for all parents and children that will ever find themselves in a similar situation. Kay and Darren have bravely decided to start their own charity that will aim to raise money for a plot of land where sons and daughters who have been born through a late miscarriage can be laid to rest in a humane and respectful manner.

‘Ride 4 Joseph’ has therefore been created to raise funds in order to start the charity. It is a bike ride, over 300 miles, that Joseph’s Daddy, Darren, is doing dressed as a monkey riding a 20” BMX from London to Truro in Cornwall from 22-26 August 2019.

Their aim is to provide other parents, family and friends a recognisable place of rest for individual reflection, but also to give comfort that the children are in an angel community, all dancing and playing together.

We hope you can support Kay and Darren to reach their goal!

Read Joseph’s full story and donate here:

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