Ritec ClearShield® Gives Fans Perfect View at New Moscow Stadium

The recently-opened VTB Arena is a multi-purpose stadium in Moscow, Russia, built on the site of the demolished Dynamo Moscow stadium. The stadium, under one roof, unites two arenas: the Lev Yashin Dynamo Central Stadium named after the club’s legendary goalkeeper with a 25,716 capacity during football matches and up to 33,000 for concerts, and the multi-functional VTB Indoor Arena with a maximum 14,000 capacity, depending on the configuration of the site. The complex also includes a shopping and entertainment centre, office buildings, apartment buildings and a 5-star hotel. The total investment is estimated to be US$1.5 billion.

VTB Arena, Moscow, Russia

The first football match at the venue took place on 26 May 2019. After the event, Bayerisches Haus, a specialist manufacturer of joinery products, was tasked to create a pitchside fence. Many different options were considered and in the end, a tempered glass partition was the way to go. Immediately, the question arose on how to protect the glass from staining and discolouration. This was where Ritec Systems Russia – a partner of Bayerisches Haus – came in.

Inside the Lev Yashin Dynamo Central Stadium

As Ritec International’s official Marketing Partner for the region, Ritec Systems Russia were well placed to treat the 500m² glass partition on-site with award-winning ClearShield® ’non-stick’, durable easy-clean protection, upgrading it to ClearShield Eco-Glass®. The glass now resists dirt and staining so fans enjoy optimal clarity, and it will also be easier to clean and keep clean plus maintain a sparkling appearance for longer.

500m² of glass partitioning was treated with ClearShield, upgrading it to ClearShield Eco-Glass

Vadim Derbenev, CEO of Ritec Services Russia, commented: “It was a great honour for my team and I to be involved in such a large-scale and prestigious project. Together with our partner Bayerisches Haus, we quickly completed the protection of glass with the ClearShield Eco-System®, it was turned around in just 3 days. I trust the fans and maintenance teams will be happy with the ClearShield-protected glass!”

Vadim Derbenev (CEO) and Yuliya Derbeneva (Commercial Manager)

Vadim Derbenev (CEO of Ritec Systems Russia) and Yuliya Derbeneva (Commercial Manager of Ritec Systems Russia)

For more information on Ritec Systems Russia, visit http://www.ritecsystems.ru. For more about Ritec International, visit http://www.ritec.co.uk or email info@ritec.co.uk.

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