1,700m2 of aged powder-coated surfaces renovated & protected using the Ritecoat System™ to restore & maintain their ‘as-new’ appearance

Ritec Services just started the ‘as-new’ restoration of over 1,700m2 of light and dark grey powder coated doors, frames and cladding with Ritecoat R630 on a retail unit in Breda, The Netherlands, that houses many stores including Media Markt, & KFC.
Ritecoat Breda Reformated 3
This is the second phase on this retail estate, where over 1,170m2 was already renovated and protected last year. The result was just incredible. For the owner of the building, it means a more attractive building for tenants and visitors without the cost of expensive replacement, and easier maintenance since.
Ritecoat Breda Reformated 2
Of the 4 buildings managed by TMC Vastgoedbeheer on the same boulevard, this is the largest. The powder coating became totally discoloured and looking very aged. Regular washing was no longer sufficient to maintain its appearance.
Ritecoat Breda Reformated 1
In collaboration with Segeren Cleaning over a period of 22 days, the Ritec’s team of experts are using the Ritecoat System™ to carry out a deep clean to remove all contamination built up over the years, before protecting the powder coated surface to restore its ‘as-new’ appearance and protect it from further build-up to keep it looking like new for longer.
Ritecoat Breda Reformated 4
If you also need to restore the ‘as-new’ appearance of your powder coating anywhere in the world, contact us today at info@ritec.co.uk, and a member of our team will be happy to provide you with details and assistance.


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