ClearShield® maintains clearer and cleaner views on flat roof in London

The ClearShield® durable glass surface protection has helped to keep a flat glass roof look pristine and made it easier to clean and keep clean for well over 10 years.


Although the protection was still performing, the owner of the stunning residence located in the Primrose Hill area in London, UK, felt that a re-application may be best.


Thanks to the full ClearShield Eco-System™, the protection was re-applied in-situ. The owner will now enjoy clear views through the roof for up to 15 years without frequent cleaning.

Also because of the high performance clearly visible throughout the years, the Ritec team was also asked to protect the glass sliding doors that were already in place.


Ritec’s award-winning ClearShield Eco-System™ is a fully integrated system that may be applied in the factory onto new glass, or in-situ to glass already installed thanks to its unique renovation process. This way the protection may last for the entire life of the glass.

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