ClearShield® protected glass still looking like new 7 years later in football stadium

In 2010, Tiszta Üveg Kft installed a 105 metre long balustrade at the Videoton Football Stadium in Székesfehérvár, Hungary. All the glass sheets were protected with ClearShield® on both sides prior to installation.

7 years later, the stadium is undergoing a complete renovation. The city council asked for the balustrades to be moved to a new location.

During relocation, a simple wash with Clean-All, Ritec’s multi-purpose glass cleaner, was enough to make the glass brilliant and sparkling. The glass still looks like new today thanks to the ClearShield® protection.

reinstalled in 2017-cropped

Well done to Tiszta Üveg Kft and their team for this project proving that the award-winning technology always passes the test of time, and saves money by not having to replace the glass.

If you would also like to become an applicator of the ClearShield Eco-System™, offering unique ‘non-stick’ solutions for glass surface renovation and protection in the factory prior to installation or on-site after the glass has already been installed, contact Ritec today at

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