Fabricators and installers add value and gain extra profits with the ClearShield Eco-System™

The ClearShield Eco-SystemTM provides expert and innovative solutions for the renovation of glass surfaces already installed, and their long-term protection and maintenance.

Fabricators and processors differentiate, add value to their product range and gain extra profits by upgrading ordinary glass into ClearShield Glass™ using the unique system in their own factory or on-site when glass is already installed.


Complete start up packages that include flexible application methods and sales and marketing aids are available from ClearShield Technologies for all volume of productions. Popular applications include shower doors and enclosures, windows, doors, sunrooms, splashbacks, all types of decorative glass including sandblasted, mirrors and building facades among many others.


The unique system has won many prestigious awards over the years in Europe and North America in recognition of the incredible solutions and benefits it provides every day all over the world for both residential and commercial use.


Loved by homeowners, the technology is trusted by professionals as it has been tried and tested by many landmark buildings and luxurious marine vessels around the world.

Visit our booth 1016 at GlassBuild America, Las Vegas, to find out more.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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