Each Step of the Glass Supply Chain Reaps the Benefits with New ClearShield Eco-System™

Ritec FIT Show 14
Just a few weeks after the trade event of the year for glass fabricators and installers, Ritec continue to report positive feedback, new leads and early business opportunities as a result of their presence at the FIT Show. Enjoying a busy three day event, Ritec demonstrated how the new ClearShield Eco-System™ gives glass fabricators and installers the competitive edge.

Ritec demonstrated the first and only glazing component with a three-way guarantee covering performance, added value and profit at every step of the supply chain – Specifier, glass processor, fabricator, installer/dealer and end user. Visitors were shown how the ClearShield Eco-System™ transforms new or old glass into a higher value product with low-maintenance performance, resulting in diversification leading to higher sales. Furthermore, the ClearShield Eco-System™ helps maintain the original ‘A’ Window Energy Rating (WER), allowing glass to uphold its optical clarity and light transmission over the life of the window.

Customers do not have to stock a new type of glass; Ritec’s simple added-value package enables unprotected glass to be upgraded into ClearShield Eco-Glass™ in the factory. The System also offers companies the ability to renovate, protect and maintain existing glass on-site, giving them unique opportunities to add new revenue streams.

Ritec also showcased their new ‘One Stop Shop’ for surface renovation, protection and maintenance that offers customers solutions specifically tailored to their needs. It utilises Ritec’s total systems including the award-winning new ClearShield Eco-System™ for glass and the Ritecoat System™ for metal and painted surfaces. In addition, Ritec’s expertise allows the company to continually develop and improve technologies for the renovation, protection and maintenance of a wide range of surfaces in and around the home.

Stephen Byers says: “The FIT Show has already proved a huge success and a great opportunity to meet prospective and existing customers. We are delighted we have been able to demonstrate to fabricators and installers how they can enhance their business through the differentiation and diversification that the Ritec Systems can bring. If you were unable to come along to the show but are interested in what we showcased, please contact us and we’ll be delighted to discuss it with you.”

For more information on Ritec International, visit http://www.ritec.co.uk or email info@ritec.co.uk

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