After helping visitors at this year’s FIT Show discover the ‘non-stick’ world of their polymer surface treatment ClearShield, Ritec International Ltd. have already signed on for FIT Show 2016.

With a consistently busy stand (205) across the three days of this year’s show, signing on the dotted line just one day in was an easy decision to make according to Brian McDonald, Ritec’s Sales & Business Development Manager. “We were really busy this year with a number of quality leads,” he said. “We were looking for quality not quantity and that’s precisely what we got so signing up for FIT Show 2016 only made sense.”


Showing off ClearShield’s incredible low maintenance easy clean system by demonstrating what happens when paint is projected all over a glass casing coated in ClearShield, visitors and exhibitors alike were in awe of its resistant powers. As Ritec’s literature says, you get ‘cleaner window glass without the pain.’

Clearshield is a unique polymer that chemically bonds to ordinary glass, upgrading it to ClearShield Low-M (Low-Maintenance), Anti-Microbial Glass. Low-M Glass is durable and ‘non-stick’, stopping limescale and other residues from building up on the glass surface, reducing maintenance by 50% on average.

Ritec also used the FIT Show to launch both its upgraded ClearShield Eco System and one stop shop for domestic glass applications.

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