ClearShield® chosen to protect Solar Panel Tree

Solar panel use in the Netherlands is growing with increasing numbers of companies and residents embracing this modern carbon-neutral technology.   Solar panels produce energy, save money and reduce damage to the environment caused by the ever-increasing reliance on fossil fuels.


In the carbon-neutral avenue named ‘Road of the Future’ which lies in between Oss and Berghem, is an incredible new solar structure designed to fit in with its surroundings – a technology business park.

The structure is in the shape of a tree and includes branches and twigs. However, its leaves are made from solar panels which are being used to produce energy for businesses on the park. The solar tree is an impressive twelve meters high, twelve meters in diameter and has its glass elements protected by the ClearShield® system.


ClearShield® was applied on-site to the ‘leaves’ of the tree at Romag’s factory, who have produced the panels on behalf of their representative, Hermans Techniek Energy B.V.

ClearShield® has been used to protect the panels from dirt and contamination which can effect light transmission and the panels’ effectiveness. Therefore saving time and money.

For more information on how ClearShield® can protect your solar panel investment, click here

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