Ritec welcomes GGF investigation into the misapplication of Glass Surface Treatments

Ritec is very pleased that the GGF is investigating the issue of misapplication of glass surface treatments that could place glass and glazing companies at risk. Glass trade associations in other countries are taking similar actions because of a growing list of concerns about product health and safety as well as performance and durability – which could present serious risks to lives, property and financial well-being of glass and glazing companies.

Misapplication could occur, for example, when a highly flammable technology requiring manual application or high temperature curing to work properly is atomised or misted onto glass.  If strict health and safety regulations are not met, this can create risks of breathing hazardous ‘nanoparticles’ and risks of explosion.  Also, atomising or misting this type of technology can make both performance and durability unpredictable.

Misapplication could also occur when a product classified as hazardous (because of high flammability and ‘nanoparticles’ when atomised or misted without legally required safeguards) is substituted for Ritec ClearShield®, the only liquid-applied glass surface treatment not classified as hazardous.

Ritec supports the GGF’s concerns and will be interested to see what further action is taken following the discussions at the next GGF Health and Safety Committee meeting. This will hopefully provide the necessary industry guidance (for GGF Members and non-members alike) to enable companies to make informed decisions when buying and safely applying glass surface treatments.

Just to reassure our customers, ClearShield® does not fall into the category of glass surface treatments under investigation. ClearShield® is not classified as hazardous for either personal health & safety or environmental.

If you are unsure of how you are applying glass surface treatments or you know of any misapplication of glass surface treatments, please feel free to call Ritec direct on +44 (0)20 8344 8210. As part of our customer care, we will be happy to assist in any way we can to prevent any health or safety risks to your staff, property or products.

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