Not Worth the Risks!

Ritec International, pioneers in Glass Surface Treatments (GSTs) with ClearShield® since 1981, are highlighting the risks to companies all along the glass supply chain of expectations that cannot possibly be met.

MD, Stephen Byers argues that serious business risks are being caused by the failure of GST suppliers to come clean with claims that are false or misleading, and to provide relevant information so manufacturers can make informed decisions.  Ritec have recently launched their Global ‘GST Challenge’  which encourages all suppliers of GSTs to

• provide relevant information to prospective customers before decisions are
made about which technology is suitable for a particular market sector or use;
• stop making false or misleading claims such as:
– Self-cleaning – when actual field experience shows this is incorrect
– Permanent, once-only application – when durability is clearly limited
– Non-hazardous – when a technology has low flash point, meaning high
– Sprayable – when the original developers of a technology state that it
only works correctly when physically rubbed onto the surface
– 10-year warranty based on lab tests – when many independent
testing organisations state that durability or performance cannot be
proven by lab tests, this can only be done through actual field experience
under real life conditions
– Suitable for all types of glass – when there is no actual field
experience to support this claim



The Global ‘GST Challenge’ encourages all suppliers of GST to assist glass and glazing companies in making informed decisions and avoid business risks by “telling it like it is, selling it like it is.”

So the advice is to CHALLENGE YOUR SUPPLIER now!

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